Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Coding By Numbers - Episode 34 (Mike Lee - Appsterdam, Patent Extortion & Product Engineering)

In this episode, Steve and Craig are joined by Mike Lee from Appsterdam Foundation to talk about moving to Amsterdam, Patent Extortion and Product Engineering. This podcast was recorded during YOW 2011 in Brisbane.

A big thank you  to Rob Dawson for suggesting to us at YOW that we interview Mike - this was one of the most interesting and funny interviews we have done so far.


  • What makes a good speaker also makes a good teacher
  • When you hear there's a guy dressed like a mariachi  .... that you have to see!
  • When I saw magnetic smart covers I thought "Maybe my mom would like my old Ipad"
  • Amsterdam is like a cross between Epcot Center and Burning Man