Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What's going on? YAP (Yet Another Podcast)!

For those of you who might have been following this blog before, you might be wondering what's going on? A friend and I have started a podcast and we wanted to call it "coding by numbers", partly because we couldn't think of anything better, and partly because I already had the domain ;-)

So I've hijacked the domain from myself to fulfill an ambition that I've had for some time. If you want to follow my personal blog, go to and subscribe there. You can also follow me on twitter, @aspinall.

Those of you that are interested in the podcast, read on...

I've wanted to record a podcast for a while but didn't want to do it alone, because I think one person talking would go stale very quickly. At the inaugural meeting of the Gold Coast JVM User Group, one of my friends said that he fancied having a go at it too. Unfortunately (or not) we lost the car after the meeting, and in the hour that it took us to find where we had parked it, we had thrashed out a plan!

So without further ado, I'd like to introduce my co-host, Steve Dalton from Refactor, who's currently working with myself at Suncorp. He's a Java developer, Groovy enthusiast, entrepreneur, eco-warrior and all round good guy! He works very hard organizing all kinds of meet ups in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast for the Java, Groovy and open source communities. And he talks a lot, which is handy for recording a podcast!

We're not sure how it's going to turn out but we're being very agile about it. We've recorded the pilot episode which we'll unleash on the world in the next week. The content will generally be technical in nature and we'll cover whatever takes our fancy from what's going on in the world, what we're working and what's bugging us. Hopefully it will be interesting and/or amusing to someone, some of the time!